Frequently Asked Questions


What is the current deadline? Will there be an extension available?

Deadlines are posted on the main page. Though unlikely, if deadlines are extended, it will be announced and updated on the main page after the current deadlines. All deadlines refer to the online entry system submission date (11:59 pm/CST).

What if I cannot find my emails from you?

Courtesy emails and payment receipts are triggered automatically once you submit an entry and/or payment method. Please check all filters, junk mail folders etc. and make sure that and are on your safe sender list. Valuable (and often time-sensitive) communication regarding your entry is sent via email and we would hate for you to miss any communication. High traffic, especially around deadlines, may cause delays and may affect time-sensitive emails, but we always provide plenty of warning.


When is the Exhibition?

The SHOW opening exhibition is Saturday, November 23 at The Living Room, beginning with drinks at 5:30 pm CST.
Artwork that did not win will be available for pick up at 10:00 p.m. Please ask for assistance from the AIGA Nebraska board, volunteers, or Kaneko employees for the removal of pieces on the wall. Any unclaimed entries will be recycled on November 24th.

Do I have to pay to get into the exhibit?

AIGA members gain free entry to SHOW as one of many excellent member benefits. Non-members can purchase a ticket for $10 online before the event on this site or at the door. We will be accepting cash and cards at the door; no checks, please.


When is call for entries over?

The call for entry period runs from Monday, August 19 to Saturday, October 11 (11:59pm CST).

Entries submitted after Friday, September 13 will incur a $5 late fee, but will continue to be accepted until Saturday, October 11 (11:59pm CST). This is the final cutoff, and any entries received after this date will not be accepted.

Student entries will stay open through Friday, September 21st. There is no late fee for student entries.

What can my entries be used for by AIGA Nebraska?

By submitting work to SHOW, the entrant grants AIGA Nebraska the right to use accepted work for reproduction in competitions-related publications; on its website; in the ensuing exhibition of the competition's selections; and for educational and AIGA-related noncommercial promotional purposes.

Entrants retain rights to their work and will be acknowledged whenever or wherever possible.

What type of work qualifies for entry in SHOW?

Any creative project which falls into at least one of the SHOW submission categories and which was created, printed, published, posted, aired, pushed live, etc. between September 26, 2018, and September 7, 2019.

AIGA Nebraska assumes all entries are original and are the works and property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. AIGA Nebraska is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.

Please see the How to Enter page for entry regulations.

Who can enter?

You don’t need to be a member of AIGA to enter SHOW. If you’re from the great state of Nebraska, live in/near the Omaha/Lincoln metro areas (including Western Iowa), and you produced work for a project/client/organization located anywhere, you qualify to enter. Or if you live outside the Great Plains, but your client resides in/around Nebraska, you’re eligible.

To qualify as a student entry, the project in question must have been created under the guidance of an instructor at an educational institution while the entrant was a student there. Work which was produced as a student may still be entered as student work even if the entrant is no longer a student at the time of entry.

When will I know if my entry was chosen?

We will contact entrants whose work advances to the second round of judging on or around October 30, 2019. Final winners are notified within one week after the opening exhibit date (November 23, 2019). Be sure that and are on your accepted email list to receive the updates.

How can I verify/confirm what I have entered?

We highly recommend that you print a copy of your forms at the time of submission. Once the competition has closed to the public, you will no longer be able to access your online account or print forms.

Can I enter one project into multiple categories?

Yes, but it will be treated as a separate and independent entry in each category, which means that we require separate entry forms, fees and physical pieces (if applicable) for each category in which the project is entered.

Can I enter my work as a series?

Yes. A campaign/series entry is a single project involving multiple components that are all developed and designed at the same time as part of a cohesive set.

Campaign/Series examples include:
—A set of posters and brochure that promote an entire theater season
—A group of related product packages that includes different flavor variations OR a packaging system that includes multiple formats like cans, bottles and boxes
—An identity for a retail store that includes business cards, hang tags and shopping bags
—A wedding invitation suite that includes such things as save-the-dates, invitations, maps, menus etc.
—Work that crosses over multiple media outlets and formats

Components of the series may also be entered on their own in a separate category.

How do I submit videos and websites?

We recommend entrants submit photos or screenshots of the video or website which capture or demonstrate its qualities. Entrants will have the opportunity to provide a link to the appropriate content for viewing by the judges.

How do I submit more than two images in the first round?

While you may not submit more than two images for any single entry in the first round, you can include multiple views or pieces of content within each image file.

The dimensions and content of the image files are left to the discretion of the entrant, as long as each file is no larger than 800kb maximum.

I am a student, may I enter?

Yes! A student entry is any project created specifically for a school assignment. The work must be completely original and not utilize content owned by another copyright holder unless the entrant has been granted specific usage rights. The entrant is responsible for any copyright infringement issues; AIGA Nebraska will not become involved in copyright disputes.

If you are a student, yet created a piece for an actual client without instructor supervision, please enter as a non-student.

As a student, would I be able to bill our entry to the school?

If your school would like to submit multiple entries and pay for them at once, we recommend setting up a school account for all students to enter their work. A professor can then review all submissions before payment. You should work with your professor and, if needed, your professor can contact us.

How do I know in which category I should enter my piece?

When in doubt, and if you do not want to enter your work into multiple categories, select the category that most closely represents your entry. If the judges feel another category is more appropriate, they will switch the category on your behalf.

Can I update or edit credits or files after I submit my entry?

We ask that all pertinent details are supplied accurately and in full at the time of entry. This credit information is taken directly from the entry form for displayed pieces and awards, and we cannot guarantee anyone the opportunity to update credits if an entry is chosen to be featured.

How will my work be judged?

Our three judges will view your work and rationale online via a custom-built website designed specifically by AIGA Nebraska for judging entries. Within days after the deadline, we’ll turn entries over to the judges to view. This gives them more time to evaluate the work and narrow the field before arriving and making their final selection.

Each judge works independently in the first round, assigning each piece a score from 1–5 based on the images and project info provided.

In the second round, our judges work together collaboratively to determine gold, silver, and bronze tiers in-person.

Will my physical work be judged?

If your piece is chosen by the judges to move on to the second round, AIGA Nebraska will notify you using the email you provided at registration. You’ll be asked to bring or mail a physical, mounted entry to a drop-off location in either Lincoln or Omaha. At that time we will communicate the mounting and drop-off requirements. All physical entries will then be judged in-person the day before SHOW's exhibition to determine the winners.

While the quality of the creative work itself is the primary focus for the judges, this is optimally displayed in a well-constructed, high-quality presentation.

Please see the "How to Enter" page for specific guidelines for physical entries.

May I submit physical samples?

AIGA Nebraska will contact the entrant if the submission advances to the second round of judging. In this instance, physical samples may also be provided (please deliver sample in self-contained box with entry form and matted photograph).

Are physical samples returned to the entrant?

It is solely the entrant’s responsibility to pick up any physical entries or samples. Artwork that did not win will be available for pick up at 10:00 p.m. the night of the event. Any unclaimed entries will be recycled the following day on November 24th.

Can we submit work that won other awards (like at the addy’s)?

Yes, AIGA Nebraska SHOW will accept entries for work which has won previous awards. The only stipulation is that it must be original work published/created between September 26, 2018, and September 7, 2019.